Video: How to introduce yourself in Japanese

How to introduce yourself in Japanese

Check out this video where Tomoe teaches you how to introduce yourself in Japanese.

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Learn Japanese Pod Show #110

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So today’s lesson is a little challenging but definitely very useful for everyday Japanese conversation. In this lesson Asuka teaches Alex how to use the word 確かに – tashika ni – which means something like”certainly”, “that’s true” or “for sure”.  This is commonly used in everyday conversation Japanese conversation.

For example:

A: 今日あついよね - kyou atsui yo ne

B: 確かに – tashika ni

A: It’s really hot today isn’t it?

B: It sure is

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Podcast Dialog 01

a) あーしかし、暑い。 b) 確かに。今年もかなり暑いですね。 a) 本当に暑い暑い。一杯ビールでもやるか? b) ははは、そうですね。ちょっと寄りますか? a) aa, shikashi. atsui. b) tashika ni. kotoshi mo kanari atsui desu ne. a) hontou ni astsui, atsui. ippai biiru demo yaru ka b) ha ha ha, sou desu ne. chotto yorimasu ka a) ah. Wow, it’s hot. b) It certainly is. This year is pretty hot isn’t it. a) It really is hot! Do you want to have a beer? b) Ha ha ha, right. Let’s go get one. (Let’s visit a place that has beer)

Podcast Dialog 02

a) そういえば、あの人ちょっと変わった人だったよね? b) 背の高い男の方ですか? a) そうそう。 b) ええ、確かに、 ちょっと気になりましたね。 a) souieba, ano hito chotto kawatta hito data yo ne. b) se no takai otoko no hata desu ka a) sou sou b) ee, tashika ni, chotto ki ni narimashita a) So, you remember that weird guy? b) The tall guy? a) Right, right. b) Yes, he certainly is a little weird. It’s bothering me.

Podcast Dialog 03

a) 先生の授業、今日は厳しかったね。 b) 確かに厳しかったけど、でも難しい題材だから仕方ないよ。 a) Sensei no juugyou, kyou wa kibishikatta ne b) Tashika ni kibishikatta kedo, demo muzukashii kyouzai dakara shikata nai yo a) Teacher, your class was really hard today. b) It certainly was hard, but it couldn’t be helped because the study materials were hard.

So go out and try using that phrase! Check out the podcast for more examples and other useful expressions.

 korean한국의   中文Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 9.54.37 PM
kanasheetpic-300x210 Get a FREE Hiragana and Katakana cheat sheet by becoming a free Learn Japanese Pod Memberclick

Learn Japanese Pod Show #109

Download MP3 Alex and Asuka talk about the meaning of なるべく – narubeku which means “preferably”, “if possible” or “as much as you can”. For example: なるべくゆっくり話してもらえますか? – narubeku yukkuri hanashi shite moraemasu ka Could you please speak more slowly (as much as possible)?



Learn Japanese Pod Show #108

Download MP3 In this show we look at すればーするほど – sureba-suruhodo which means the more you do the more something happens. Check out the podcast for some examples. 日本語は勉強すればするほど上手になります – nihongo wo benkyou sureba suru hodo jouzu ni narimasu The more you study Japanese, the better you’ll get (It’s true you know!)

Learn Japanese Pod Show #107

Download MP3 In this podcast we study せっかく- Sekkaku – refers to an unappreciated or wasted effort. In English the closest translation would be “…even though I took the trouble to do something…”.

Learn Japanese Pod Show #106

Download MP3 In this lesson we learn a slightly tricky but very useful grammatical structure しか…ない shika…nai. This basically means “just” or “only. For example: 千円しかないよ -sen en shika nai yo – I only have 1000 yen

Learn Japanese Pod Show #105

Download MP3 In this lesson we look at 情けない – nasakenai which means various things such as pathetic, wretched or something generally in a bad state. Check out the podcast to hear more examples of how this is used naturally in conversation.

Learn Japanese Pod

Welcome to Learn Japanese Pod, a podcast, website and community for people who want to study Japanese the fun and easy way. The podcast is hosted by Asuka and Alex who teach you useful Japanese phrases and vocabulary to help with everyday conversations and communication. Whether you are an anime or manga fan, a student of Japanese or planning to visit Japan, this podcast and website is right for you. Click here for useful articles for how to study Japanese. 팟캐스트 일본어 공부 (Learn Japanese Pod) 일본어를 재미있고 쉽게 배우기 원하는 분들을 위한 팟캐스트, 웹사이트 그리고 커뮤니티인 Learn Japanese Pod에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 팟캐스트는 일상적인 대화와 커뮤니케이션에 도움이 되는 유용한 일본어 문장 및 어휘를 여러분들에게 가르쳐 주는 아스카와 알렉스가 진행합니다. 여러분이 애니메이션 또는 만화 팬이거나, 일본어를 공부하는 학생이거나, 혹은 일본을 방문할 계획이 있는 경우에도 이 팟캐스트와 웹사이트는 여러분들에게 적합한 선택이 될 것입니다. 일본어 공부 방법에 대한 유용한 기사를 보시려면 여기를 클릭하세요. 学日语播客 (Learn Japanese Pod) 欢迎来到“学日语播客” (Learn Japanese Pod),这是一个集播客、网站和社区的综合体,适合希望愉快且轻松学习日语的人群。 播客由 Asuka 和 Alex 主持,将教您有用的日语短语和词汇,帮助您进行日常会话与交流。 不论您是一位动漫迷、日语学习者,或是计划来日本旅行,此播客与网站是您的最佳选择。

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      @jwkelley77 Most of our podcasts up until now have centered around a single vocabulary or grammar point. However, we are now working on a new series of free podcasts with a little wider format including dialogs, cultural points and travel tips. We’ll be coming out with that in March.

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      @justin1 Yes! We’ll be coming out with some new free podcasts in March. We’re busy recording a new Japanese travel course which will be out in the next month or so!

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  5. lmuyaj

    Hi, I’m wondering if there’s any way we can see a list of the topics covered on the podcasts? For example:
    1. ??? 2. ??? 3. ??? . . . . . . 105. 情けない – various things such as pathetic, wretched or something generally in a bad state. 106.  しか…ない –  “just” or “only” 107.  せっかく – even though I took the trouble to do something 108. すればーするほど – the more you do the more something happens 109. なるべく – “preferably”, “if possible” or “as much as you can”. For an example in Korean, something like Talk To Me In Korean’s format:

  6. @fairhsa Hi There Fairhsa, thanks for the comments. So, here is the website for the travel course now. Please sign up to get updates on the course as we make it. Sign up here:

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  58. @Kimbachippy Hi Kimbachippy! Thanks so much for listening to the podcasts! So I have some good news for you. On Friday, we’re coming out with a brand spanking new podcast which is completely free! Not only that, but we’re going to do a new Learn Japanese course that I think you will find more affordable

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