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Kana Invaders

Check out this awesome video made by Jamaipanese on Youtube who was kind enough to check out and play our Kana Invaders game. It’s great to see someone having fun with the game and actually learning some Japanese in the process. You can check out more of his videos here. Kana Invaders was made by […]

Money Quiz 01

Try your knowledge on this Japanese money quiz. Do you have what it takes to be the next finance minister of Japan? Check out the quiz and then leave your comments below. Tell us your score and if you have a question feel free to ask. Now try the quiz! [mtouchquiz 3]

Learn Japanese Pod iPad Travel Apps

If you are interested in traveling to Japan and need a little inspiration for planning your trip then you can discover some pretty amazing places in our set of Learn Japanese Pod Japan iPad travel apps. We made a photo travelog of places I have visited and also lived in including Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and […]

What is Rakugo?

Try to answer this quiz about the traditional Japanese art of Rakugo. See how you do and then watch the video and read the article to learn more. [mtouchquiz 1] Now check out this video which features ダイアン吉日 Diane Kichijitsu, a female British Rakugo performer who is based in Osaka. She explains and beautifully performs […]

How to Find Big Shoes in Osaka

If you are looking for large shoes in Osaka, you might want to check out Otto, a shoe shop located in Tenma, Osaka that caters for the more gaijin sized foot. I was originally introduced to this shop by good friend Beb. This shoe shop is famous amongst locals as there is a sign that […]

Samurai Swords

On a trip to Kyoto, Waka sensei, my friend Naho and I stumbled on a shop that stocks swords and samurai armor called Tozando. It was a treasure trove that the makers of Kill Bill would be proud of. In fact, the craftsmen who made the armor stocked in the shop also made the armor […]

Japanese Proverbs 01

  Download the picture (full res 1024X768) Here is the famous saying “猿も木から落ちる” – Saru mo ki kara ochiru This literally means, even monkeys fall from trees. In other words, nobody’s perfect.  


Learn Japanese Pod Show 109

Welcome to Learn Japanese Pod Show #109. In this show, Asuka and Alex show you how to use the word なるべく – Narubeku. This roughly translates as ” as much as you can” or “if possible”. Check out the podcast to hear how it is used in natural everyday Japanese conversation. [audio:http://learnjapanesepod.com/wp-content/uploads/ljp1091.mp3] To hear some […]