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Learn Japanese Pod Videos

2. Useful daily Japanese phrases

In this video, you will learn some really useful casual Japanese greetings and phrases for everyday life in Japan. Here are the phrases used in today’s video: 元気? Genki – How are you? If you want to say this more formally you could say お元気ですか ogenki desu ka. The reply would be something like 元気です。genki […]

Learn Japanese Pod Videos

1. How to introduce yourself in Japanese

In this video, Tomoe teaches you how to introduce yourself in Japanese. Transcript: こんにちはともえです。これから六ヶ月間一緒に日本語を勉強して行きましょう。頑張ろう!こんにちは。今日は自己紹介の仕方を勉強します。初めまして、ともえです。よろしくお願いします。 Hello, I’m Tomoe and over the next 6 months let’s study Japanese together. You can do it! So today we’re going to study how to introduce yourself in Japanese. Hajimemashite means “nice to meet you”. Tomoe desu means “I am Tomoe”. […]