What your people thinks about Japan ?

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What your people thinks about Japan ?

Post by iqbal95 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 2:52 am

Hi there, i am Iqbal from Indonesia.

so, the other day i was discussing with Alex through email about how Japan is viewed by people from various culture, how and why they learn Japanese. so with Alex' blessing, i thought i should open up a thread about that, so listeners from all around the planet could introduce us about their people and tell us their story.

to warm things up, i'll start with mine, the Indonesian.

the broad stroke is, Indonesia see japan as some kind of best friend they look up to. even though historically, the Japanese really messed things up when they invaded Indonesia in the second world war. it's like that one guy you had a huge fight with, and ended up becoming best friends because of it.

nowadays, Japan is Indonesia's biggest international trading partner. major Japanese companies comes here, opening large branches, factories, or merge with local companies. everything from Electronics, Finance, Automotive, F&B, Clothes. our government also has close ties with the Japanese'. that is the reason why we are exposed to a lot of Japanese culture here, especially in the capital, Jakarta.

we have a lot of Japanese expats here, even Japanese communities neighborhood in some of the suburban areas. we celebrate their culture with several annual festival like Bunkasai, Little Tokyo, or Gelar Jepang (Indonesian, lit : Japanese Roll-out, but means more like Japan Parade). schools typically taught Japanese as Tertiary Language Study for at least 1 year. even most of our Sunday morning cartoons are Japanese anime (Doraemon, anyone?)

that's the broad stroke, do ask me if you want to know more. if there's fellow Indonesian here, you can add more, or correct me if i am wrong.

as i see it, it's easy for us Indonesian to get interested in Japan with all of those cultural exposure, and a relatively close location. but for people from farther away or little exposure to Japanese culture, we would LOVE to know your story. it would be like another "introduce yourself" but this time you're introducing your people. so, don't be shy!


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Re: What your people thinks about Japan ?

Post by Duff » Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:41 am

If we're painting in broad strokes, I suspect most people in the UK would see Japan in one of two lights: the well dressed businessmen, tech industry, clean streets and polite population on one hand, then the more offbeat side which leads to stuff like a plumber fighting a gorilla in a tie, cartoons like Samurai Pizza Cats and strange figurines of female anime characters with 'enlarged' part of their anatomy.

I guess both views are equally true to a point, but can also over simplify things as well.

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Re: What your people thinks about Japan ?

Post by ForumNinja » Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:02 pm

I'm from the UK...as if you didn't know...

Before I came to Tokyo I thought it would be like Blade Runner...AND IT WAS and still is.

I second what duff says. When I was a kid we got the odd Japanese anime, played Donkey Kong LCD games and stared in disbelief at the the Japanese student in our school who ate food we'd never seen from immaculate bento boxes.

When I was a kid I just had vague notions of samurai, karate and battle robots, typical elementary boy interests.

Obviously Japan is portrayed these days as a fantasy anime movie filled with cosplaying characters and overworked salarymen. But I think those lazy stereotypes are starting to be challenged.

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