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About Us


alex photo copyLearn Japanese Pod was created by Alex who wanted a good excuse to brush up and improve his Japanese. He originally came to Japan way back in 1995 as an exchange student at International Christian University to enroll in their intensive one year Japanese program. One year, a hundred textbooks and a few Izakayas later, it was time to leave Japan to his native England. Not wanting to forget all he had learned, he went back to Japan on the JET program for two years in Miyazaki. After that, the rest is history as Alex continued to travel around Japan, living in Osaka, Chiba and now Tokyo teaching guitar, making websites and composing and performing music. You can find him these days in central Tokyo, podcasting, playing guitar and writing blog posts on how not to upset Japanese people. His homepage is here


AsukaAsuka is a native of Japan but grew up traveling the world. Apart from native level Japanese and English, she can also speak French and Spanish so she is a top level linguist and has a black belt in being a great communicator. In fact, she usually shows Alex up even in English! On the podcast she gives fascinating explanations into the intricacies of natural native Japanese. She is also a professional radio announcer and salsa teacher, so multi-talented is her middle name. She spends her time traveling between the States and Japan on business but we all know she’s enjoying it too! Asuka is usually pestered on a regular basis to hang out with Alex and record new podcasts. You can find Asuka on twitter here. Check out her personal blog in Japanese here.



Beb is not only a full time mother and podcaster but also a prolific composer and rock star known as a diva of the suburbs of Osaka. She is also a really good cook, so if you are ever in the Osaka area you should try and sample some of her delicious dishes.  Her sense of humor, energy and local knowledge of Osaka dialect helps to make the show fun and educational. Beb was the first Japanese host of Learn Japanese Pod and taught eager listeners Osaka dialect. Thanks to Beb, Learn Japanese Pod has some awesome lessons on sounding like a real Osaka samurai. You can check out her music and personal blog here