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Welcome to Learn Japanese Pod, a podcast dedicated to help you speak Japanese more naturally and fluently.

  • Podcast 38: Making a Suggestion in Japanese
    In this podcast Ami Sensei and Alex teach you how to make suggestions in natural, fluent Japanese. Check out the show notes for dialogues and grammar explanations. Listen to the Podcast Listen to just the Japanese Dialogues Download, Get the […]
  • Fun Friday 17: Ask us Anything
    In this Fun Friday edition of the podcast Andy and Alex answer listener questions about life in Japan, its culture and tips on learning Japanese. Listen to the podcast Download the podcast For more podcasts visit our main podcast page […]
  • Podcast 37: How to use the verb Kureru in Japanese
    In this podcast, Ami and Alex teach you how to use the verb Kureru naturally in Japanese conversation. Kureru is a verb you can use to ask people to do things for you. It’s used casually between friends and family […]
  • Fun Friday 16: Interview with Andy
    In this Fun Friday edition of the podcast I talk to my good friend and long time resident of Japan, Andy. We discussed how Japan has been affected by the Coronavirus and subsequent curfews and travel restrictions. We also make […]
  • Podcast 36: Describing people’s appearance in Japanese
    In this podcast, Ami and Alex teach you some useful phrases to talk about people’s appearance in natural and fluent Japanese. You’ll learn some useful adjectives to describe body size and shape as well as clothes. Listen to the example […]
  • Fun Friday 15: Interview with Niko of NativShark
    In this episode, I interview Niko from NativShark, a comprehensive Japanese language learning app. In this episode we talked about Niko’s journey to becoming fluent in Japanese, why a lot of Japanese study materials suck and the art of making […]
  • Podcast 35: Motivational Japanese Phrases
    In this lesson Ami Sensei and Alex teach you motivational Japanese phrases. Everyone struggles from time to time and a word of encouragement can always mean a lot to someone. And in Japan, where teamwork is seen as a virtue, […]
  • Podcast 34: Aizuchi
    In this podcast lesson you’ll learn about 相槌 Aizuchi, which are words used to show interest during a conversation. In English you might say things like “Uh-huh” and “really?” during a conversation to show you are listening to the speaker. […]
  • Fun Friday 14: Interview with Katheryn Gronauer
    Listen to the Podcast Download the podcast In this podcast I interview Katheryn Gronauer of Thrive Tokyo. She is a cross cultural coach and trainer helping foreigners to improve their relationships and life in Japan. She is author of Confessions […]
  • Podcast 33: Talking about your trip to Japan
    Do you want to visit Japan? Have you already visited? In this lesson we teach you a short, fun, conversation with a friend about a trip to Japan. You’ll learn how to tell your friend what you did and how […]
  • Podcast 32:Making dinner plans with a friend
    In this podcast, Ami and Alex teach you how to make dinner plans with your friends in natural fluent Japanese. You’ll learn how to invite someone at a specific time to a restaurant or bar that you often go to. […]
  • Fun Friday 13: Coronavirus in Japan
    This is the Fun Friday edition of Learn Japanese Pod. Fun Friday is where we temporarily put down our Japanese textbooks and talk to cool people doing cool things in Japan. In this episode we talk to Japan veteran and […]
  • Podcast 31: Convenience Store Japanese
    In this podcast you will learn useful Japanese phrases for shopping at a convenience store. Understanding the polite language used by convenience store staff can be a little confusing atfirst. However, if you learn common set phrases it’s not that […]
  • Podcast 30: Talking about your plans for the new year
    In this podcast you will learn how to talk about your New Year’s resolutions, your plans, goals and hopes for the coming year. Check out the dialogues and audio to get an idea how to talk about your plans in […]
  • Fun Friday 12: Interview with Miku Sensei
    In this Fun Friday episode of Learn Japanese Pod, I interview Miku Sensei of Miku Real Japanese. Miku Sensei is a prolific creator of fun, educational Japanese language learning videos on Youtube and Instagram. She is an international traveler and […]
  • Podcast 29: Talking about your job in Japanese
    One really common topic of conversation in Japanese is about work. When meeting people for the first time it is common to ask them about what they do for a living. In this lesson you’ll learn how to ask and […]
  • Podcast 28: How to talk about the weather in Japanese
    If there is one thing Japanese love to talk about, it’s the weather. Apart from discussing the forecast, it’s quite common to mention the weather in small talk or when striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know so […]
  • Podcast 27: Talking about your preferences in Japanese
    In this podcast we’ll be teaching you how to express your preference for something and compare it to other things. This is very useful as you use it all the time in Japanese conversation. You can use it to talk […]
  • Podcast 26: Japanese verbs for daily life
    In this podcast you’re going to learn useful verbs to talk about your daily routine. These verbs are very commonly used in casual conversation throughout the day so they are well worth learning. You will also study a little grammar […]
  • Podcast 25: Japanese Adverbs of Frequency
    In this podcast you’re going to learn about how to use adverbs of frequency in daily speech. In other words, you’ll learn how to ask and answer questions about how often you do things in Japanese. You’ll learn how to […]
  • Podcast 23: How to Speak Osaka Ben
    In this episode, Ami and Alex teach you how to speak Osaka dialect which is called Osaka Ben in Japanese. And for this lesson Ami sensei is our secret weapon as she is a native of Osaka city.  Sometimes this […]
  • Fun Friday 11: Ask us anything
    In this podcast, Ami and Alex answer all your Japanese study related questions. If you would like to get your question answered on the podcast go to Questions and fill in the form. It’s super quick and easy! Once you […]
  • Podcast 22:What does Yappari mean?
    Have you been scratching your head trying to work out what “Yappari” means? Well, scratch your head no more! In this podcast Ami sensei and I (Alex) attempt to explain what Yappari means. We teach you the three main meanings […]
  • Podcast 21: Japanese Conversation Starters
    This podcast episode is about various phrases you can use to start up a conversation in Japanese. It is important to remember that each conversation is unique and how you start one depends on who you are talking to and […]
  • Podcast 20: How to talk about your hobbies in Japanese
    A great way to practice your Japanese speaking skills and to get to know people in Japan is to talk about free time and hobbies. In a casual setting you may be asked what you do in your free time […]
  • Fun Friday 10: Japan Travel Tips
    In this podcast Matthew and I talked about our favorite Japan travel tips, hacks and experiences. We discussed various topics including interesting places to visit, taking ferries in Japan, how to save money and the recent issues with AirBnb. Also, […]
  • Podcast 19: How to eat Takoyaki
    Food is one of our most popular subjects to talk about so in this podcast Ami sensei and I (Alex) introduce you to one of Kansai’s most loved street snacks, the honorable Takoyaki. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to […]
  • Podcast 18: How to say MUST in Japanese
    In this lesson you are going to learn how to say “must” in Japanese. Here’s the problem. There are a confusing number of ways to say it. Just look at this list of phrases which all mean the same thing: […]
  • Fun Friday 09: Why do Japanese People Wear Masks?
    In the latest Podcast, Tomo Akiyama is back to talk about various aspects of Japanese culture including the important question, “Why do Japanese people wear masks?”. Check out the podcast to hear us attempt to answer this question as best we can.
  • Fun Friday 08: Japanese TV Shows
    In this episode, Ami and I talk about our favorite Japanese TV shows. Watching Japanese TV shows regardless of you Japanese level is great way to improve your understanding of Japanese culture. It also gives you a common frame of […]
  • Podcast 17: How to express your opinion in Japanese
    In this lesson Ami and I teach you how to ask and give your opinions on various topics using the verb 思う Omou – To think. This is usually used to say “I think that…”. 思う is a very useful […]
  • Fun Friday 07: Interview with Niko of Nihongo Shark #2
    I hung out with Niko, the creator of Nihongo Shark for my latest Fun Friday podcast. We talked about how he started Nihongo Shark which is a website crammed full of resources for students of Japanese which is well worth a […]
  • Podcast 16: What to do when you lose your wallet in Japan
    In this podcast Ami and I talk about what to do if you lose your wallet or other personal items when in Japan. The good news is that Japanese people are generally very law abiding and honest. Therefore, if someone […]
  • Fun Friday 06: Interview with Tomo Akiyama
    In this Fun Friday edition of the Learn Japanese Pod podcast, I interviewed Tomo Akiyama who is a fascinating expert linguist and well known Twitter user from Japan. We discussed a wide range of topics including the difficulties of learning […]
  • Podcast 15 – Talking about your favorite movies in Japanese
    In this podcast, Ami and I (Alex) teach you how to talk about your favorite movies in Japanese. Listen to the podcasts and read the dialogs below to get an idea of what these phrases and dialogs mean. You can […]
  • Podcast 14: Talking on the phone in Japanese
    In this podcast, Ami and I, teach you some fun conversations you can have with your friends in Japanese.  The first thing you need to know when speaking on the phone in Japanese is the word Moshi moshi which is […]
  • Fun Friday 05: The Best And Worst of Life in Tokyo
    In this podcast, I talk to Andy, a great friend of mine whom I have known for over 10 years here in Japan. As we are both long term residents of Tokyo, we wanted to record a podcast outlining the […]
  • Podcast 13: Everything you need to know to speak Japanese Fluently
    One of the most common questions I get at Learn Japanese Pod is “How do I learn to speak Japanese fluently?”. The usual problem I hear is that although students study lots of vocabulary and grammar, they can’t seem to put […]
  • Fun Friday 04: Our Favorite Japanese Bands
    In our latest Fun Friday Podcast, Ami and I talked about our favourite Japanese bands and other recent news that has been happening in our lives. Podcast Download | iTunes Subscribe | Android Subscribe Welcome to Learn Japanese Pod and the Fun Friday episode […]
  • Podcast 12: Describing people’s personalities in Japanese
    In this podcast, learn how to talk about people’s personalities in natural, flawless Japanese in this podcast with Ami Sensei and Alex
  • Podcast 11: Japanese Verbs – Taberu
    In this podcast, Ami Sensei and I teach you about using the verb 食べる in the casual form which is used between people who know each other well in an informal situation. This is how you conjugate the verb taberu […]
  • Podcast 10: The Top 10 Questions you will be asked in Japan
    After living in Japan for over 20 years, I have noticed a clear pattern of questions I am often asked. As well as being very hospitable, the Japanese are inquisitive people who are genuinely interested in why people visit or […]
  • Fun Friday 03: Interview with Niko #1
    In this Fun Friday episode of Learn Japanese Pod, I interview Niko of Nihongo Shark, which is a platform for learning Japanese. Niko is a Jedi Master of online self-study techniques which he developed when teaching himself Japanese. Check out […]
  • Podcast 09: How to Order Sushi at a Japanese Restaurant
    In this week’s podcast Yoshiko and Alex discuss useful Japanese vocabulary and cultural points and advice for ordering sushi at a Japanese restaurant like a native. The good news is you don’t have to learn a huge amount of vocabulary […]
  • Fun Friday 02: Drinking Etiquette in Japan
    In this podcast, Yoshiko and I (Alex) talk about etiquette for eating out and drinking with friends at an Izakaya, Hanami party or similar events. If you listen to this podcast you will learn some insider cultural knowledge which will […]
  • Podcast 08: Talking about your likes and dislikes in Japanese
    In this podcast Yoshiko and I teach you how to talk about your likes and dislikes. Check out the PDF show notes and podcasts to see all the examples. Main Podcast Japanese Dialogues 寿司が大好きです Sushi ga dai suki (desu) – […]
  • Fun Friday 01: Review of 2016
    Fun Friday is back, Hoorah! And if you don’t know what Fun Friday is, it is a podcast where we temporarily put down our textbooks and talk about life, the universe and everything related to life in Japan. In this […]
  • Podcast 07 How to ask for help in Japanese
    In this podcast, you will learn how to ask for help in natural, fluent Japanese. Check out the audio dialogues and audio lesson to learn how to get assistance in Japanese. Enjoy! Main Podcast Japanese Dialogues Main Dialogue A: ちょっといい? […]
  • Podcast 06 Useful Classroom Japanese Phrases
    In this podcast, Asuka and I teach you some useful classroom Japanese phrases so you can interact with your teacher and understand more. We teach you how to ask questions about vocabulary and sentences. In fact, I wish I had […]
  • Podcast 05: Top 10 tips for studying Japanese
    If you are starting in Japanese and don’t know what to study, or already started and got stuck, check out this podcast. Asuka and I go over our top 10 tips for studying Japanese.
  • Podcast 04: How to talk about your home town in Japanese
    I can guarantee you, if you are visiting or living in Japan as a foreigner, you will undoubtedly be asked 出身はどこですか – shusshin wa doko desu ka – where you are from? So Asuka and I (Alex) thought we would […]
  • Podcast 03: How to Apologize in Japanese
    In this podcast, Asuka and Alex will teach you how to apologize in Japanese, perhaps one of the most important skills in Japanese
  • Podcast 02: How to do a self introduction in Japanese
    In this podcast, Asuka and Alex are back to teach you how to do a self introduction in Japanese to a group of people. For example, this might be useful for you on your first day of Japanese class at […]
  • Podcast 01: How to ask your friends to hang out in Japanese
    In this podcast, Asuka and Alex teach you how to ask your friends to hang out using natural and fluent Japanese. We’ve included various dialogues to help you learn a few different situations in which you would ask your friends […]