24: How to book a table at a Japanese restaurant

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In this podcast you will learn how to book a table at a restaurant by phone in natural Japanese. These days it is easy to make bookings online and with mobiles apps. However, there are still many restaurants in Japan which don’t have online booking facilities. Also, in crowded cities like Osaka and Tokyo, it can be hard to get a seat, especially during Fridays and weekends. Therefore being able to book seats in Japanese by phone is a useful skill.

Another thing you will learn is the polite language commonly used by restaurant and service staff. This is called Keigo and is a very polite way of speaking in Japanese. It’s also quite tricky to master as it uses different phrases and vocabulary compared with casual speech. However, I would recommend learning just enough to be able to understand it so you can interact with hotel, restaurant or department store staff. You don’t need to learn to speak it perfectly, just understanding a little is enough. Most Japanese people have difficulty speaking proper Keigo! Check out the podcast lessons and accompanying files which will help you learn to speak the dialogs fluently.

Main Dialogue (Japanese)

A: 居酒屋忍者でございます。

B: 今晩の予約をしたいんですが。

A: はい、かしこまりました。何名様でいらっしゃいますか?

B: 4名でお願いしたいんですが。

A: 何時からご希望ですか?

B: 7時でお願いします。

A: 少々お待ちください。お待たせいたしました。

B: アレックスです。

A: アレックス様ですね。 では本日7時から4名様でご予約させていただきます。 お待ちしております。

A: Izakaya Ninja de gozaimasu. – This is Izakaya Ninja

B: Konban no yoyaku o shitain desu ga. – I’d like to make a booking for tonight.

A: Hai, kashikomarimashita. Nanmei sama de irasshimasu ka? – Yes, certainly. How many people are there in your party?

B: Yonmei de onegai shitain desu ga. – I’d like (to book for) 4 people.

A: Nanji kara gokibō desu ka. – What time would you like (to book)?

B: Shichiji de onegai shimasu. – Seven o’clock please.

A: Shōshō omachi kudasi. Omatasei itashimashita. Oseki go yōi dekimasu. Onamae oukagai shitemo yoroshi deshou ka. – One moment please. Thank you for waiting I have prepared your seats. May I have your name please?

B: Arekkusu desu. – It’s Alex

A: Arekkusu sama desu ne. Dewa honjitsu shichiji kara yonmei sama de goyoyaku sasete itadakimasu. Omachi shite orimasu. – OK, so that is Alex. So, I have prepared your booking for 7pm for 4 people today. We shall be waiting for you.