Fun Friday 25: Interview with Peter Manthei, again!

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It’s been a while but in this Fun Friday edition of the podcast I met up with my good friend and Japan enthusiast, Peter of Beards Brewery.

He’s just completed an epic two-month journey across Japan and in this episode I caught up with him to get a debriefing on his trip. We chatted about his adventures, using Japanese on the road, and recommendations on places to visit. We also discussed his collaboration with Hikone Brewing, a brewery located in Shiga Japan which makes some amazing beers.

If you are planing a visit to Japan, definietly check out this podcast as Peter gives some great advice on planning and enjoying your trip to the fullest.

When Peter isn’t jet setting around the globe, you can usaully find him studying Japanese and brewing some seriously delicious ninja level beer in beautiful northern Michigan at Beards Brewery.

2 replies on “Fun Friday 25: Interview with Peter Manthei, again!”

How ‘small world’ that your most recent podcast has Peter from Beards! I have lived just outside of Petoskey since 1999, and have watched Peter and Ben grow Beards Brewery into a destination for both locals and tourists in the area. I hope you take him up on your offer to visit, maybe do one of your podcasts in town! Meri Kurisumasu, Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!

Yes, Beards Brewery is the next stop on my list when I visit the States next! Can’t wait to record that podcast ! And thanks for listening to the show!

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