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Fun Friday: Interview with Tomo Akiyama

Download Podcast | iTunes Subscribe | Android | All Podcasts Listen to the Podcast About the podcast In this Fun Friday edition of the Learn Japanese Pod podcast, I interviewed Tomo Akiyama who is a fascinating expert linguist and well known Twitter user from Japan. We discussed a wide range of topics including the difficulties of learning Japanese and common […]

Podcast 15 – Talking about your favorite movies in Japanese

Talking about your favorite movies in Japanese Downloads: Download Podcast | Just The Dialogs | PDF Show Notes | iTunes Subscribe | Android | All podcasts Listen to the full podcast: Listen to just the dialogs In this podcast, Ami and I (Alex) teach you how to talk about your favorite movies in Japanese. Listen to the podcasts and read the dialogs below to get […]

Fun Friday: Our Favorite Japanese Bands

Learn Japanese Pod Fun Friday: Our Favourite Japanese Bands In our latest Fun Friday Podcast, Ami and I talked about our favourite Japanese bands and other recent news that has been happening in our lives. Podcast Download | iTunes Subscribe | Android Subscribe Welcome to Learn Japanese Pod and the Fun Friday episode where we temporarily put down our […]

Japanese verbs Taberu

Podcast 11: Japanese Verbs – Taberu

Listen to the full podcast Just the dialogs Podcast Download | Dialogs Download | PDF Download | iTunes Subscribe | Android Subscribe Japanese Verbs – Taberu In this podcast, Ami sensei and I teach you about using the verb 食べる in the casual form which is used between people who know each other well in […]