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Podcast 34: Aizuchi

In this podcast lesson you’ll learn about 相槌 Aizuchi, which are words used to show interest during a conversation. In English you might say things like “Uh-huh” and “really?” during a conversation to show you are listening to the speaker. Japanese is no exception and has a lot of these Aizuchi which are used frequently […]


Fun Friday: Coronavirus in Japan

This is the Fun Friday edition of Learn Japanese Pod. Fun Friday is where we temporarily put down our Japanese textbooks and talk to cool people doing cool things in Japan. In this episode we talk to Japan veteran and my very good friend Andy. We talk about what life is like in Japan during […]


Fun Friday: Interview with Miku Sensei

Miku Sensei of Miku Real Japanese In this Fun Friday episode of Learn Japanese Pod, I interview Miku Sensei of Miku Real Japanese. Miku Sensei is a prolific creator of fun, educational Japanese language learning videos on Youtube and Instagram. She is an international traveler and linguist who speaks fluent English and Spanish. Through her […]

Podcast 29: Talking about your job in Japanese

In this podcast Ami and Alex teach you some useful phrases to talk about your job in fluent Japanese. Main Podcast Japanese Dialogues Download, Get the App, Subscribe, Tell a friend✓Download: Main Podcast | Japanese Dialogues | PDF Lesson Notes✓ Get the app: iTunes App | Android App ✓ Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Spotify […]