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Japanese Rice Ball Kanji List

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In this video, I go over the names and the readings of some of the most common rice balls you’ll find in your average convenience store in Japan. Although, English is being used more and more on things such as station names and menus, convenience store rice balls seem to still exclusively use hiragana and kanji on the packaging.

So this video helps you to read the kanji on rice ball packaging so you don’t have to play onigiri roulette when buying a snack in Japan.

 Japanese Pronunciation Meaning
 おにぎり  onigiri  Rice ball
 梅  ume  Salted Japanese plum
 紅鮭  beni shake  Salmon
 おかか  okaka  Dried bonito flakes and soy sauce
 たらこ  tarako  Cod roe
 明太子  mentaiko  Seasoned cod roe
 筋子  sujiko  Salted salmon roe
 ツナマヨネーズ  tsuna mayoneezu  Tuna mayonnaise
 焼豚  yaki buta  Grilled / BBQ’ed pork
 五目ご飯  gomokugohan  (5 ingredients) Rice
 焼きおにぎり  yaki onigiri  Grilled rice ball


Extra flavours
Here are a few other flavours not mentioned in the video that you might find in Japan

昆布 konbu Seaweed
いくら ikura Salmon caviar marinated in soy sauce


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