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Podcast 14: Talking on the phone in Japanese

Download Podcast | Just The Dialogs | PDF Show Notes | iTunes Subscribe | Android | All podcasts Talking on the Phone in Japanese Listen to the full podcast:   Listen to just the Japanese dialogs: In this podcast, Ami and I, teach you some fun conversations you can have with your friends in Japanese.  The first thing you need to know when speaking on […]

Fun Friday: Our Favorite Japanese Bands

Learn Japanese Pod Fun Friday: Our Favourite Japanese Bands In our latest Fun Friday Podcast, Ami and I talked about our favourite Japanese bands and other recent news that has been happening in our lives. Podcast Download | iTunes Subscribe | Android Subscribe Welcome to Learn Japanese Pod and the Fun Friday episode where we temporarily put down our […]

Japanese verbs Taberu

Podcast 11: Japanese Verbs – Taberu

Listen to the full podcast Just the dialogs Podcast Download | Dialogs Download | PDF Download | iTunes Subscribe | Android Subscribe Japanese Verbs – Taberu In this podcast, Ami sensei and I teach you about using the verb 食べる in the casual form which is used between people who know each other well in […]

Travel To Japan

Premium Travel Japanese Course Progress Report

New Premium Travel Japanese Course If you are interested in studying Japanese and traveling to Japan, then I have just the thing for you. It’s my new Audio Travel Japanese Course which will teach you all the vocabulary, phrases, listening skills and speaking fluency you need to navigate your trip to Japan. I wanted to […]

What are your Japanese study goals?

What are your Japanese Study Goals? YOSH! It’s 2017. Let’s do this people! What are you Japanese study goals for 2017? Do you want to learn the basics of Japanese? Would you like to learn phrases for traveling in Japan? Would you like to learn how to read manga or understand Anime? Perhaps you want […]