Learn Japanese Pod iPad Travel Apps

If you are interested in traveling to Japan and need a little inspiration for planning your trip then you can discover some pretty amazing places in our set of Learn Japanese Pod Japan iPad travel apps.

We made a photo travelog of places I have visited and also lived in including Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe. Each app features hi-res photography of both modern bustling cities as well as the old traditional temples and landscapes that make Japan so beautiful.

Each app contains easy swipe-able pictures with short blurbs giving you the name of the location. It also has GPS maps so you can use it to find the places in the photos.

It’s fun to locate the places featured in the app using the GPS fucntion and it could inspire and help you to make more out of your visit to Japan. Even if you are not planning to come to Japan soon, then check it out so you can have a virtual tour of some of the most amazing and beautiful places in Japan.

Please click on the links to check out the apps in the iTunes store:

Osaka iPad Travel App

Nara iPad Travel App

Kobe iPad Travel App

Kyoto iPad Travel App

 Osaka Sky Building

Japanese Tea House Nara

Kobe Street Scene

Todaiji Nara

Temple Lanterns Nara

Temple Lanterns Nara

Daibutsu Todaiji

Osaka Udon Shop

Osaka Castle

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Thanks for this information. I am going to get those apps in my iPad for my Japan travel vacation. I would love to learn their culture and language.

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