Podcast 30: Talking about your plans for the new year

In this podcast you will learn how to talk about your New Year’s resolutions, your plans, goals and hopes for the coming year. Check out the dialogues and audio to get an idea how to talk about your plans in natural, fluent Japanese.

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Japanese Dialogues

Main Dialog (Japanese)
A: ね、新年の抱負はなに?
B: そうだね。やっぱり、日本語を上達させたいからもっと本を読むよ。後、もっと健康的になりたいな。あみは?
A: 私も本をもっと読みたい!後、音楽活動をもっと頑張りたいな。
B: なるほどね。
A: やる気があれば、なんでもできるよ。
B: よし!

Main Dialog ( Japanese pronunciation)
A: Ne, shinnen no hōfu wa nani?
B: Sō da ne. Yappari, nihongo o motto jōtatsu sasetai kara motto hon o yomu yo. Ato, motto kenkōteki ni naritai na. Ami wa?
A: Watashi mo motto hon o yomitai! Ato, ongaku katsudō o motto gambaritai na.
B: Naruhodo ne.
A: Yaruki ga areba nandemo dekiru yo.
B: Yosh!

Main Dialog (English)
A: Hey, what’s your New Year’s resolution?
B: Well, let’s see. I guess I want to improve my Japanese and read more books. Also, I want to be more healthy. How about you Ami?
A: I also want to read more books. Also, I want to go for it with my music.
B: I see.
A: If you have motivation you can do anything.
B: Let’s do this!

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