Podcast 35: Motivational Japanese Phrases

In this lesson Ami Sensei and Alex teach you motivational Japanese phrases.

Everyone struggles from time to time and a word of encouragement can always mean a lot to someone. And in Japan, where teamwork is seen as a virtue, motivating other members in your group to do their best is an important part of building relationships.

You’ll find motivational phrases in manga, anime, J-pop and also in casual conversation with your friends.

So listen to the podcast and audio drills and download the PDF grammar notes to learn about motivational phrases in Japanese.

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Japanese Dialogues

Main Dialog 1 – Motivational Japanese Phrases
A: どうしたの?元気なさそうだね。
B: 最近日本語が全然上達しないんだ。
A: 日本語上手じゃん!
B: いや、思うように話せないんだよね。もうだめだ。
A: 大丈夫、大丈夫。塵も積もれば山となる、だよ。
B: それどういう意味?
A: 少しずつ頑張って行けば願いは叶うという意味だよ。
B: わかった!頑張るよ!

Main Dialog 1 – Motivational Japanese Phrases (Pronunciation)
A: Dōshita no? Genki nasasō da ne.
B: Saikin, Nihongo ga zenzen jōtatsu shinain da.
A: Nihongo jōzu jan!
B: Iya, omou yō ni hanasenain da yo ne. Mō dame da.
A: Daijōbu, daijōbu. Chiri mo tsumoreba yama to naru da yo.
B: Sore dōiu imi?
A: Sukoshi zutsu gambatte ikeba negai wa kanau toiu imi da yo.
B: Wakatta! Gambaru yo!

Main Dialog 1 – Motivational Japanese Phrases (English)
A: What’s the matter. You don’t seem very well/happy.
B: Recently my Japanese hasn’t improved at all.
A: Your Japanese is great!
B: No, I can’t express myself the way I want to. It’s no good.
A: It’s OK, it’s OK. Even dust when piled up becomes a mountain.
B: What does that mean?
A: It means if you try little by little you can realize your dreams.
B: Got it. I’ll give it a shot!

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