Podcast 39: Calling an ambulance in Japanese

In this podcast Ami Sensei and Alex teach you some useful Japanese phrases for calling an ambulance in a medical emergency.

Check out the show notes for dialogues and grammar explanations.

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Main Dialog 1 – Calling an ambulance (Japanese)

A: 119番の消防ですが 火事ですか、救急ですか?
B: 救急です。
A: 救急ですね。住所を教えてください。
B: 東京都渋谷区渋谷1丁目12-13。郵便局の前です。 A: 怪我ですか病気ですか

B: 病気です。人が倒れています。
A: わかりました。あと5分ほどで救急車が到着します。

Main Dialog 1 – Calling an ambulance (Pronunciation)

A: Hyaku juu kyuu ban no shōbō desu ga, kaji desu ka, kyuukyuu desu ka?
B: Kyuukyuu desu.
A: Kyuukyuu desu ne. Juusho o oshiete kudasai.
B: Tōkyō to, Shibuya Ku, icchōme no juuni no juusan. Yuubinkyoku no mae desu. A: Kega desu ka, byōki desu ka.

B: Byōki desu. Hito ga taorete imasu.
A: Wakarimashita. Ato gofun hodo de kyuukyuusha ga tōchaku shimasu.

Main Dialog 1 – Calling an ambulance (English)

A: This is 119, Fire Department. Is it fire or a medical emergency? B: Medical emergency.
A: Medical emergency. Please tell me your address.
B: Tokyo city, Shibuya ward, district 1-12-13

A: Is this an injury or illness?
B: Illness. The person has collapsed.
A: Understood. The ambulance should arrive in about 5 minutes.

Extra phrases for medical emergencies

Here are some extra phrases you might find useful during a medical emergency.

If you want to ask someone to call an ambulance for you, you can use the following phrase:


Sumimasen, Kyuukyuusha o yonde kudasai.

Excuse me, please call an ambulance.

It’s common for the emergency services to ask you for your details including your name. For example:


Onamae o oshiete kudasai

What’s your name?
And you can reply with your name followed by “…desu” like this:


Jon sumisu desu

I’m Jon Smith

You might then want to explain what’s happened by using the following phrases:


Byōnin ga imasu

There’s a sick person


Kega o shita hito ga imasu

There’s an injured person.

If there’s been a traffic accident you can say:


Kōtsuu jiko desu

There’s been a traffic accident

Here are some other phrases that describe someone’s medical condition. You can use these to talk about yourself or someone else:


Kokyuu ga kurushii desu

(Someone is having) difficulty breathing


Mune ga kurushii

(Someone has) a tight or painful chest


Ishiki fumei desu

(Someone is) unconscious


Shukketsu desu

(Someone is) bleeding.

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