Podcast 42: What does Toriaezu mean? (Shorts)

In this podcast, Ami Sensei and Alex teach you the meaning of とりあえず Toriaezu and how to use it naturally in Japanese conversation. This is a very commonly used phrase so it’s worth knowing and it’ll make you sound more natural in Japanese.

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What does Toriaezu mean?

とりあえず Toriaezu roughly translates as “for the time being” or “for now we’ll do so and so”. This is a useful phrase to use when you want to make a temporary decision before committing to a more substantial or permanent solution. This phrase is often used when you are ordering food at an Izakaya, which is Japanese style pub. You can use とりあえず Toriaezu to order drinks or small snacks while you are deciding what to order for your
main dishes.

Let’s look at the example sentences below:

Example Sentences

Here are some examples of how to use とりあえず Toriaezu naturally in Japanese conversation. You can listen to the following example sentences with the extra listening practice audio file that
is included in the podcast feed.

1. とりあえずビールで
Toriaezu biiru de
We’ll have beer for now

2. とりあえずワインで
Toriaezu wain de
We’ll have wine for now

3. とりあえずお冷で
Toriaezu ohiya de
We’ll have water for now

4. とりあえずなんか食べよう
Toriaezu nanka tabeyō
Let’s eat something for now

5. とりあえず買う
Toriaezu kau
I’ll buy it for now

6. とりあえず行く
Toriaezu iku
I’ll go for now

7. とりあえずやってみる
Toriaezu yatte miru
I’ll try it for now

8. とりあえず映画見よう
Toriaezu eiga o miyō
I’ll watch the movie for now

9. とりあえず生で
Toriaezu nama de
We’ll have a beer for now

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