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Travel To Japan

New Premium Travel Japanese Course

If you are interested in studying Japanese and traveling to Japan, then I have just the thing for you. It’s my new Audio Travel Japanese Course which will teach you all the vocabulary, phrases, listening skills and speaking fluency you need to navigate your trip to Japan. I wanted to make this because I keep getting emails from members asking about phrases related to travel, directions, shopping and generally navigating Japan.

Travel Course Contents

The course focuses on teaching you essential vocabulary, phrases and grammar for things such as asking directions, ordering sushi, shopping and even how to have a bath at an onsen (hot spring). It will also include:

    • Over 30 audio mp3 lessons on travel topics for Japan
    • Japanese vocabulary lists, dialogs in PDF format
    • Extra drill audio files to practice listening and speaking fluency
    • Anki files for each lesson to drill vocabulary
    • Lessons on culture and recommendations on places to visit
    • A comment section where you can ask me questions or talk to the other students

Also all the content is downloadable so you can study it anywhere and any time you like at your own pace.

Travel Japanese Course Sample

Here’s a screen shot showing you what it will look like when you log in:

travel Japanese Course

Travel Course Opening Schedule

Here’s the thing, it’s not quite ready yet. So in order to show you how fast I am progressing in getting this course finished for you I made this progress graph. The thick red line shows what I have done and the think red one shows the predicted ETA of the project. I also posted this to publicly embarrass myself into finishing it earlier.

Latest Travel Course News

Please visit regularly to see news updates as well as how far I have progressed on the graph. If you would like to sign up early to get in on this course then please go to and sign up for a free account. If you sign up there you can get access to the other free courses to test drive the other free online courses. I will send you an email when the premium course is ready. You have no obligation to buy and can unsubscribe at any time.


19th March 2017 – Hoorah! We have a three day weekend in Japan so I will be mixing more episodes for the new premium course.

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