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Street Japanese 02 – Shoganai

Watch this video to find out what “Shoganai” means.

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In last week’s video we learned the phrase “dotakyan“. In this week’s Street Japanese video Yoshiko and I teach you what shoganai means and how it is used naturally in daily conversation.

Shoganai means something like, “that’s life” or “it can’t be helped” or even “Oh well then…”


A: この間はごめんね!何かごちそうするから、ゆるして。
B: しょうがないなあ。
A: ありがとう!何がいい?
B: じゃあ、スタバのコーヒー
A: 了解!

A: kono aida wa gomen ne. nanika gochisō suru kara yurushite
B: shō ga nai naa
A: arigatō. nani ga ii
B: jaa sutaba no koohii
A: ryōkai

A: Sorry about the other day. I’ll treat you so please forgive me!
B: Oh well, it can’t be helped
A: Thanks. What do you want?
B: A Starbucks coffee
A: Got it!

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