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Today’s Kanji: 海老フライ Ebi Furai

Check out this insanely entertaining video of two respectable Japanese ladies cooking shrimps, in 3 seconds with compressed air and flammable gas. Pure awesome and win…

Ebi Fry

Today’s Kanji was inspired by this genius TV advertisement which features 海老フライ ebi furai or fried shrimp. I’m not sure if this is actually possible or just clever editing. However, 11 out of 10 for insane entertainment. Well done Japan.

For you real kanji nerds out there, other kanji in the video included:

3秒クッキング san byou kukkingu – 3 second cooking

空気ガス kuuki / gasu – Compressed air / Flammable gas

危険ですので絶対にマネしないでくださいkiken desu no de zettai ni mane shinai de kudasai – As this is dangerous, please don’t copy

You can see where this is going…enjoy!

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