What do you find most challenging about studying Japanese?

So you’ve been studying Japanese for a while, or perhaps, you’re just a beginner at the language. Was it as difficult as you thought? If you studied another language, how does it compare? And what do you find most challenging about studying Japanese?

Typically, westerners who study Japanese find reading and writing Japanese Kanji to be a problem. However, students from China have a head start on everyone else as the Chinese Kanji are often similar or the same to the ones used in Japanese.

Koreans tend to find the grammar of Japanese extremely easy as it is very similar to Japanese even though the pronunciation and vocabulary are different.

For me, I find the vagueness of the language quite challenging to understand. Although I may understand perfectly every word that is being spoken, I sometimes have trouble getting the gist of the conversation. So much for low context cultures such as mine!

So what is hard for you?

Take the poll below to find out what other people are struggling with when it comes to studying Japanese. Feel free to chose more than one answer:

What do you find difficult when studying Japanese?

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