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Japanese Rice Ball Kanji List

Download PDF Kanji list In this video, I go over the names and the readings of some of the most common rice balls you’ll find in your average convenience store in Japan. Although, English is being used more and more on things such as station names and menus, convenience store rice balls seem to still […]

Useful Japanese Restaurant Phrases 1

6. How to get a seat at a restaurant in Japanese

In this week’s video, we will learn some useful Japanese phrases for getting a seat at a Japanese restaurant. Transcript In this video, Tomoe teaches the most common Japanese phrases you will use when getting a seat at a restaurant in Japan. 0:11 こんにちは、レストランに入った時の席に着くまでのやり方を勉強します。 konnichi wa resutoran ni haitta toki no seki tsuku made no […]

Learn Japanese Pod Videos

4. Learn Japanese Pod – Tadaima & Okaeri nasai

In this video, Tomoe teaches us two must-know Japanese phrases for when you get home. They are ”ただいま” tadaima – which means “I’m home”. The other phrase ”おかえりなさい” okaeri nasai means something like welcome back and is the answer to tadaima. This is used everyday in households across Japan so this is a great phrase […]