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7. Ordering drinks at a restaurant in Japanese

In this video you will learn some useful Japanese phrases for ordering drinks for your friends at a restaurant in Japan

In this video we learn some useful Japanese phrases for ordering drinks after being shown your table at restaurant in Japan.


Japanese Transcript:




konnichi wa kyō wa resutoran ni haitta ato chuu mon no shikata wo benkyō shimasu. zenkai de resutoran ni haitta toki no seki made no yari kata o benkyō shita no de, sore o mitenai hito wa mite kudasai.

mazu teeburu ni tsuite tennin san ga kimasu. “go chuumon okimari desu ka” toiu fuu ni kikaretara, (eto, maa) nannin ka teeburu ni suwatteru no de hitori ga “biiru nomu hito, nihonshu nomu hito, wain nomu hito” kiite, “biiru ga futastsu, wain ga mitsu, nihonshu ga yotsu, orenji juusu ga hitotsu onegaishimasu”. Kore dake desu.

 English translation

Hello, today we’re going to study how to make an order after arriving at a restaurant. Last time we studied what to say in Japanese before being shown to your seat at a restaurant, so for those of you who haven’t seen it, please watch it.

First of all, when you get to your table the waiter comes. If you are asked “Are you ready to order?” one of the people in your group can say “Who’s drinking beer? Who’s drinking sake? Who’s drinking wine?”. You then say “2 beers, 3 sakes, 4 wines and 1 orange juice please”. That’s it.

Japanese Pronunciation English
ご注文お決まりですか gochuumon okimari desu ka Are you ready to order?
ビール飲む人 biiru nomu hito Who’s drinking beer?
日本酒飲む人 nihonshu nomu hito Who’s drinking sake?
ワイン飲む人 wain nomu hito Who’s drinking wine?
ビールが二つ biiru ga futatsu 2 beers
日本酒が三つ nihonshu ga mitsu 3 sakes
ワインが四つ wain ga yotsu 4 wines
オレンジジュースが一つ orenjijuusu ga hitotsu 1 orange juice
お願いします onegaishimasu please


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2 replies on “7. Ordering drinks at a restaurant in Japanese”

honestly,this is the most useful lesson i’ve ever learn.I mean by myself.because the japanese lesson is so expensive,can’t afford to pay it,so i kinda learn hiragana and katakana from youtube.but the problem is, it really annoyed when there are some kanji in a sentence.can’t pronounce it in japs.
But in this video,every words she said are all i know how to pronounce those kanji in really helps.thank you.
would really appreciate if you just upload more videos.
arigatou,kawaii chan

Well thank you very much! We’ll be adding some new videos soon! Thanks for watching and please tell you friends about us!

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