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2. Useful daily Japanese phrases

In this video, you will learn some really useful casual Japanese greetings and phrases for everyday life in Japan.

Here are the phrases used in today’s video:

元気? Genki – How are you?

If you want to say this more formally you could say お元気ですか ogenki desu ka. The reply would be something like 元気です。genki desu – I’m fine. In this video, Tomoe showed us the casual version used between good friends with a simple “genki” with rising intonation to indicate it. Simply answer with a simple “genki”.

まあまあ – maa maa – I’m so so

最近どう? saikin dou – How’ve you been?

最近いい感じ – saikin ii kanji – I’ve been good

あんまりよくない – anmari yokunai – not so good

大丈夫?- daijoubu? – are you OK?

久しぶり – hisashiburi – long time no see

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