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Learn Japanese Pod 01: How to ask your friends to hang out in Japanese

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Learn Japanese PodSo, you want to learn Japanese do you? Good! You’re in the right place.

Asuka and I (Alex) are back with a brand new Japanese learning podcast for you. If you want to improve your Japanese fluency, listening and vocabulary, we made this podcast just for you..

Here’s how it works: you can listen to the full podcast with full grammar and vocabulary explanations and then listen to the dialog only podcast to practice your vocabulary, listening and fluency. You can either listen to it on the site, download it or subscribe via iTunes.

In this lesson we cover some essential useful phrases for asking people to hang out with you in Japanese. Today’s key phrase is:


issho ni osushi tabe ni ikanai

Why don’t we get some sushi?

Check out the PDF show notes and listen to the podcast to get a full grammar and vocabulary breakdown.

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