Podcast 01: How to ask your friends to hang out in Japanese

In this podcast, Asuka and Alex teach you how to ask your friends to hang out using natural and fluent Japanese. We’ve included various dialogues to help you learn a few different situations in which you would ask your friends to spend time with you.

Simply listen to the main podcast to hear the main conversations in Japanese as well as full grammar explanations in English. You can also listen to the “Just the dialogues” audio file to practice your Japanese listening and speaking skills. Finally, you can download the PDF show notes to read about the grammar in more detail. Check out the audio podcast below!

Main Podcast

Japanese Dialogues

Podcast Lesson Notes

In this lesson we cover some essential useful phrases for asking people to hang out with you in Japanese. Today’s key phrase is:


issho ni osushi tabe ni ikanai

Why don’t we get some sushi?

Check out the PDF show notes and listen to the podcast to get a full grammar and vocabulary breakdown.

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