Podcast 02: How to do a self introduction in Japanese

In this podcast, Asuka and Alex are back to teach you how to do a self introduction in Japanese to a group of people. For example, this might be useful for you on your first day of Japanese class at university, college or school.

We cover how to say your name, where you are from and what your hobbies and interests are. If you learn the set phrases in this podcast you should be able to do your own self introduction easily.

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How to do a basic self introduction in Japanese

Today’s podcast will teach you how to do a self introduction in Japanese. This is extremely useful for students who are about to start a new Japanese course at university, college or even high school. Don’t worry, although there are many ways you could do this, we’ve made you an easy template with 5 simple steps for you to use to make your own. Just change the words in blue to fit your own information.

Step 1: Say your name


hajimemashite, Jennifer to moushimasu

Nice to meet you. I’m Jennifer.

Step 2: Say where you’re from


amerika no kariforunia shuu kara kimashita

I come from California in the US

Step 3: Say what your hobbies and interests are


shumi wa tangodansu desu. soshite kuishinbou desu

My hobby is dancing tango. Also I love food.

Step 4: Say you’ll do your best to study Japanese


korekara nihongo wo isshokenmei benkyou shitai to omoimasu

I want to do my best to study Japanese.

Step 5: Use a natural Japanese phrase express good will and end the introduction


yoroshiku onegai itashimasu

I look forward to (studying) with you

*This literally means “I count on your good favour in the future” but it can mean anything from “nice to meet you” to “I look forward to working/studying with you”

If you listen to the podcast you can here more examples of self introductions.

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4 replies on “Podcast 02: How to do a self introduction in Japanese”

Is it possible, that theres the べんきょう missing in the romaji of “Let’s study together”? :)

YES! Thank you very much for spotting that. I have corrected that now. Minus 1 point to me. Plus 1 point to you. Thanks again!

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