Podcast 08: Talking about your likes and dislikes in Japanese

In this podcast Yoshiko and I teach you how to talk about your likes and dislikes. Check out the PDF show notes and podcasts to see all the examples.

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Japanese Dialogues

寿司が大好きです Sushi ga dai suki (desu) – I love sushi
寿司が好きです Sushi ga suki (desu) – I like sushi.
寿司がまあまあすきです Sushi ga mama suki (desu) – Sushi is OK.
寿司があんまり好きじゃない Sushi ga amari suki ja nai – I don’t like sushi very much.
寿司が嫌いです Sushi ga kirai (desu) – I don’t like sushi.
寿司が大嫌い Sushi ga daikkirai (desu) – I hate sushi.

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