Podcast 26: Japanese verbs for daily life

In this podcast you’re going to learn useful verbs to talk about your daily routine. These verbs are very commonly used in casual conversation throughout the day so they are well worth learning. You will also study a little grammar related to plain form verbs and -TE form verbs which are the most common type of verb used in casual speech. You will also learn how they are used together when describing actions in a sequence.

Also, the dialogue in this lesson will teach you particles which are sounds that usually go at the end of sentences to change the nuance of what you are saying. Learning these will help you sound a lot more natural when speaking Japanese.

Main Podcast

Japanese Dialogues

Main Podcast Dialogue

A: Amiの平日の過ごし方を教えて!

B: 7時に起きて、顔を洗って、朝ごはんを食べるよ。


A: 休憩時間は?

B: 休憩時間はお弁当を食べて、携帯で時間を潰すよ。

A: 仕事が終わったら?

B: うちに帰って、晩御飯を食べて、お風呂に入るよ。

A: その後は何をするの?

B: 寝る!

A: Amiは忙しいね!

B: まあね!

Podcast Dialogue (Pronunciation)

A: Ami no heijitsu no sugoshikata oshiete!

B: Shichi ji ni okite, kao o aratte, asagohan o taberu. Sono ato kigaete, meiku shite, shigoto ni iku yo.

A: Kyuukei jikan wa?

B: Kyukeijikan wa obentō o tabete keitaii de jikan o tsubusu yo.

A: Shigoto ga owattara?

B: Uchi ni kaette, bangohan o taberu, ofuro ni hairu yo.

A: Sono ato nani suru no?

B: Neru!

A: Ami wa isogashii ne.

B: Maa ne.

Podcast Dialogue (English)

A: Ami, how do you spend your weekdays?

B: I wake up at 7, I wash my face and eat breakfast. After that I get dressed, put on my makeup and go to work.

A: What about your break time?

B: During my break time I eat a bento and kill time with my mobile phone.

A: And when work finishes?

B: I go home, I eat dinner and have a bath.

A: What do you do after that?

B: Sleep!

A: Ami, you’re busy!

B: I guess so.

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