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Podcast 27: Talking about your preferences in Japanese

In this podcast, Ami and Alex teach you how to talk about your preferences in Japanese. You can listen to the podcast and study the dialogues below.

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Listen to the podcast

Listen to the Japanese dialogues

Main Podcast Dialogue (Japanese)

A: 、お寿司とたこ焼きどっちが好き?

B: そうだね。やっぱり、お寿司の方が好きかな。

A: なるほどね。でもなんで?

B: 味が好きだから。あみは?

A: もちろんたこ焼きの方が好き。

B: あみは典型的な大阪人だよね。

A: せやで!

Main Podcast Dialogue (Pronunciation)

A: Ne, osushi to takoyaki, dochi ga suki?

B: Sou da ne, yappari osushi no hou ga suki kana.

A: Naruhodo. Demo nande?

B: Aji ga suki dakara. Ami wa?

A: Mochiron, takoyaki ga suki.

B: Ami wa tenkeitekina osaka jin da yo ne.

A: Se ya de!

Main Podcast Dialogue (English)

A: Hey, which do you prefer, sushi or takoyaki?

B: Well, I guess I prefer sushi.

A: I see…but why?

B: Because I like the taste. How about your Ami?

A: Of course I prefer takoyaki.

B: Ami, you are a typical Osakan!

A: That’s right!

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