Podcast 29: Talking about your job in Japanese

One really common topic of conversation in Japanese is about work. When meeting people for the first time it is common to ask them about what they do for a living.

In this lesson you’ll learn how to ask and answer questions about work and some useful everyday phrases you can use in the office.

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Japanese Dialogues

Main Dialog 1 – Talking about your job (Japanese)
A: お仕事は何をしてるの?
B: ウェブデザインの仕事してるよ。
A: そうなんだ。楽しい?
B: そうだね。毎日大変だけど楽しいよ。
A: 楽しいのはよかったね。何年ぐらいやってるの?
B: 7年ぐらいかな。
A: ヘェ〜、すごいな。俺はすぐ転職しちゃうからさ。
B: まじで?!

Main Dialog 1 – Talking about your job (Pronunciation)
A: Oshigoto wa nani o shiteru no?
B: Uebu dezain no shigoto shiteru yo.
A: Sō nan da. Tanoshii?
B: Sō da ne. Mainichi taihen dakedo tanoshii yo.
A: Tanoshii no wa yokatta ne. Nan nen gurai yatteru no?
B: Nana nen gurai kana.
A: Hee, sugoi na. Ore wa sugu tenshoku shichau kara sa.
B: Maji de?!

Main Dialog 1 – Talking about your job (English)
A: What do you do for work?
B: I do web design work.
A: Really? Is it enjoyable?
B: Well, everyday is tough but it’s fun.
A: That’s good it’s enjoyable. How long have you been doing that?
B: About 7 years I guess.
A: Wow. I’m always changing jobs.
B: Seriously?!

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