Podcast 28: How to talk about the weather in Japanese

If there is one thing Japanese love to talk about, it’s the weather. Apart from discussing the forecast, it’s quite common to mention the weather in small talk or when striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know so well. Also, as you’ll probably be checking the weather on a daily basis, it makes sense to study related vocabulary and grammar as it’s so useful. Simply listen to the podcast and read along with the dialogues below. To study in a little more detail you can download the full show notes in PDF format. Enjoy!

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Japanese Dialogues

Main Dialogue (Japanese)

A: 今日暑いよね。

B: そうだね。超ジメジメしてるね。

A: 今週の天気予報は?

B: 今週はずっと35度だよ。

A: うそ!マジで?!もう我慢できない。

B: だけど週末は雨が降りそう。

A: あ、良かった、こんな猛暑だと北極に引っ越ししたくなるな。

Main Dialogue (Pronunciation)

A: Kyō atsui yo ne.

B: Sō da ne. Chō jime jime shiteru ne.

A: Konshuu no tenki yohō wa?

B: Konshuu was zutto sanjuu go do da yo.

A: Uso! Majide? Mō gaman dekinai.

B: Dakedo, shuumatsu wa ame ga furi sō.

A: A, yokatta, konna mōsho da to hokkyoku ni hikkoshi shitakunaru na.

Main Dialogue (English)

A: It’s hot today isn’t it?

B: It sure is. It’s so hot and sticky.

A: What the weather forecast for this week?

B: It’s going to be 35 degrees all week.

A: No way! Seriously?! I can’t take this anymore.

B: But it looks like it might rain on the weekend.

A: Ah good. This kind of heat makes me want to move to the Arctic!

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