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Street Japanese – 06 Nidone

In this video Alex oversleeps and is late for an appointment with Yoshiko. Yoshiko forgives him, almost and they decide to go to go get some coffee together. This is the 6th in the series of Street Japanese videos which teach you natural Japanese as it is really spoken in Japan. All the videos connect […]


Street Japanese 04 – Sasuga

This is the 4th in the series of Street Japanese videos which are designed to teach you natural everyday Japanese as it is spoken by real Japanese people. In today’s lesson Yoshiko and Alex teach you the phrase “sasuga”. Check out the dialog below to see how it used in natural Japanese conversation. Watch the […]

Japanese Rice Ball Kanji List

Download PDF Kanji list In this video, I go over the names and the readings of some of the most common rice balls you’ll find in your average convenience store in Japan. Although, English is being used more and more on things such as station names and menus, convenience store rice balls seem to still […]